Incredible tool For sales estimation

In this video training you will get key knowladge how to estimate sales based on competitors

  • 1 vdieo
  • 5 secret ways
  • 2 hours

How to perform sales estimation and be better than competitors

  • Trands analysis
  • Market size estimation
  • New ways research
  • Sales research
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How to imrpove your business

  • Score sales
  • Find new trands
  • Find new aportunities
  • Estimate budget based on real data
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  • This video for you if: Enterpreniers, CMO, Marketing managers, CTO and CEO
  • John Garet
    • World's best expert in predictive analytics
    • Founder of top 3 predictive analytics company
    • phd In Math
    • MBA
    • Over 15 yeras expirience in IT

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